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I help Women in Mid-Life and Beyond THRIVE and FEEL Healthy & Vibrant with SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE HABITS.  I am here to help you LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL with Confidence & Curiosity, so you can start Ticking Off that Bucket List!

Get Fitter | Slimmer | Energised | Beat Cravings | Beat Belly Bloat

There is no time like the present to set your goals and start TAKING ACTION!  Is it now YOUR time to create a HEALTHIER version of YOU.  Is it now YOUR time to become FITTER, SLIMMER, ENERGISED and BEAT those damn cravings?  Are you ready to THRIVE during the years beyond 50?  Are you ready to start “Ticking Off” that Bucket List and LIVE LIFE to the fullest?  Is TRAVEL one of your Bucket List Items?

If you have decided YOUR TIME is NOW, then I can help you achieve your goals with SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE HABITS.  Why make it complex when you don’t have to?

My name is Linda Wilson and I TOOK ACTION over 16 years ago now.  My story is nothing fancy or amazing.  It too, is actually pretty simple!  I was in my early-mid forties and somehow, I gained a dress size and when they started feeling tight, I thought “That’s it”!  So, one day, after a coffee and cake😊, I drove straight to my nearest female only gym and signed up there and then, without even discussing it with my husband!!  I hated gyms!  Couldn’t even maintain a 3-month membership!  But that is where my journey started.  Along the way I dropped 2 dress sizes (which wasn’t my original goal), did bootcamps, got into running, did fun runs and after stating “I never would run a marathon”, at age 52, I did!!  It was an awesome experience.  I grew up on a farm, so generally ate pretty well but sugar filled cakes, slices, biscuits, preserves, desserts and pavlovas, were all part of our daily life.  As a consequence, sugar is my achilles heel but along the way, I further fine tuned my knowledge of food and learnt how to manage those sugar cravings.  So here I am today, a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach.  Who would have thunk it??

Some other fun facts about me: 
I LOVE the colour purple!
I LOVE broccoli!
I LOVE the cafe scene and have become a coffee snob!
I LOVE to travel and experience new places and cultures!

I also really LOVE helping women just like YOU, so my message to you is, if I can do it, then YOU can too!  AGE is just a number and it’s definitely NEVER TOO LATE TO START!

Just Keep it Simple | Eat Real Food | No Calorie Counting | Move your Body

EAT Well | FEEL Well | LIVE Well | AGE Well | TRAVEL Well | Oh and Enjoy COFFEE!

Message me and book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL today to have a confidential, CASUAL chat about your goals and desires and let’s see if we would be a good fit for each other.  What have you got to lose?