The Festive Season has well and truly begun.  Catch-ups with friends are being organised, family functions are diarised, who’s going where for lunch and dinner is being discussed, Kris Kringle’s are drawn and work functions are in the mix.  So much food (and alcohol) to be consumed!!  It’s a great time of year and it’s easy for our food intake to get out of control but with a little bit of planning and some mindfulness it will all be okay and we can get through it all unscathed:)  Below are some simple tips to help you navigate through this time of year.  From me to you, have a wonderful festive season.

  1. Drink water
    Choose to drink water over anything else. Cold or hot herbal teas are a good option, too.  Drink two cups of water when you first wake up in the morning and when you feel hungry outside of your regular mealtime/regular snacks.
    FestiveFit Tip: When you arrive at a holiday party, drink two cups of water or herbal tea before you start eating.
  1. Move more, sit less
    If you have the option of standing versus sitting, stand. If you have the option of walking versus driving, walk. If you have the option of moving about versus standing, move about. Daily physical activity and structured exercise, including cardio, strength and flexibility exercises, are a part of a healthy daily routine.
    FestiveFit Tip: When you attend a holiday party or an event, find a way to avoid sitting for the majority of the time (move about the room, go for some fresh air outside, etc.).
  1. Something positive is better than nothing
    Get away from an all-or-nothing mindset. If you don’t have time for a full workout, do 10 minutes of exercise and you’ll reap some positive benefits. If you forgot to add any fruits or vegetables to your meals during the day, add an apple at night.  Apply this principle where it makes sense.
    FestiveFit Tip: Focus on nutritious foods during the holidays rather than on what you shouldn’t eat. Each time you eat at home or at a holiday party, add things to your plate that are good for you, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts or other healthy proteins or grains.
  1. Take control
    Focus. Reflect. Ask yourself: Is this behaviour good for me? Be mindful. Choose wisely. Follow through.
    FestiveFit Tip: When you are at a party and about to fill your plate with all the goodies from the buffet, pause and ask yourself: Is it time to eat now? What have I already eaten today? What is available here that is considered healthy?
  1. Half is enough
    Eat only half of the less-nutritious foods on your plate. If you take a cookie, for example, eat half of it and pack the other half for another day or leave it on your plate
    FestiveFit Tip: At a holiday party or event, serve yourself only half of what is on the serving platter. For example, if you want a brownie, cut it in two on the serving platter and only serve yourself half (and don’t go back for seconds!)

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