I just love Small Group Training.  I love being a participant and I love leading Small Group Training sessions.  Yes, I am a regular, weekly participant of group training sessions myself and I become the “client” in exactly the same manner as you do:) Yep, I huff and puff, push myself to work hard, I sometimes sigh and moan and occasionally swear J but I love it and hate missing out on even one session!

Hello, my name is Linda Wilson and I am your Health and Fitness Coach at Embracing Fitness.

Have you ever tried Small Group Training SGT)?  If not, here are some reasons and benefits why you might like to consider including this training style into your exercise routine and give it a go.

  1. Motivating
    Whether you are the sort of person who needs to be motivated or not, you just can’t help but be motivated when you attend SGT sessions. You don’t have to be competitive with other people; you can simply aim to beat your own personal number of repetitions or weight or whatever else takes your fancy, but often you will find that the person beside you indirectly motivates you to keep going, just by them being there, even without you realising it:)
  1. Personalised Attention
    SGT enables the trainer to attend to clients individually, so they can correct form and provide personal attention and advice. It’s the next best thing to a PT session but without the price tag! Here at Embracing Fitness, classes held in Lara are restricted to 8 people, so you really get to receive and feel that personal attention first hand.
  1. 30-Minute Sessions
    At Embracing Fitness, all sessions are 30 minutes in length which is great for women who are time poor but still what to fit some workouts into their day. These shorter sessions with short rest breaks will provide you with just as many benefits as a longer slog in the gym and are certainly great for the health of your heart. Don’t worry; you will still get huffy and puffy in these shorter sessions:)
  1. Cost Effective
    SGT enables you to improve your health and fitness and get results, without breaking the budget. Pricing is at a much lower price point than individual personal training sessions, so your budget will go further, enabling you to maintain your fitness routine for longer.
  1. Variety of Exercises
    No two sessions are the same, which hopefully prevents boredom:) Whilst they are all circuit style workouts, each one is different from the last. You will be introduced to many different exercises; some using equipment, some using bodyweight. Workouts are like a box of chocolates; you never know which one you are going to get:)
  1. Timed Intervals
    At Embracing Fitness, all sessions operate with timed intervals. This enables every individual to work at their own pace and fitness level. It doesn’t matter what the person beside you is doing; your goal is to focus on your own workout, which is easy to do when everyone is working for the same length of time. Intervals will vary in length of time from session to session just to keep you guessing.
  1. Be Inspired and Inspire Others
    By simply turning up, you are an inspiration to others within the training group itself and within your own circle of friends. Those who are older inspire those who are younger not to give up; those who are younger inspire those who are older to keep going. SGT is just a great supportive network of people.
  1. Fun, Friendship and Support
    Participating in workouts with others enhances the experience for everyone. There is plenty of time for laughter and here at Embracing Fitness, this is a very important and essential ingredient. Friendships are formed with like-minded people; experiences are shared and words are offered in support of each other.
  1. Keep Coming Back
    For some reason, people keep on coming back to SGT. Could it be due to some or all of the above reasons? I wonder?Find the right group that suits you and you might you also become addicted to this style of training. Discover that staying or getting fit is no longer a chore but something you enjoy, look forward to each week and inspires you to keep coming back for more.

If you haven’t found yet found the right group for you, give me a call at Embracing Fitness and let’s see what we can do together to improve your health and fitness or dive right in, view the timetable and “Book Now”!